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Panda Vocab I

Match your panda vocab with their definitions.

logicalmaking sense
chromosomesrod-shaped bodies in a cell nucleus that carry genes of hereditary characteristics
hibernatespend the winter in sleep, such as bears, woodchucks, and some other wild animals.
scientificof or dealing with Science
communitypeople living in the same place; the people of any district or town.
overlaplap over; cover and extend beyond
areaamount of surface; extent
severalmore than two or three, but not many; some; a few
Nepalesesomeone or something from the country of Nepal
climatethe kind of weather a place has
flourishgrow or develop with vigor
analyzeexamine carefully and in detail
qualitysomething special about a person or object that makes it what it is
toughhard to cut, chew, or tear
intestinecanal in the stomach which food passes through
vegetationplant life; growing plants
carnivoreany animal that eats other animals
descendgo or come down from a higher place to a lower place
plentifulmore than enough; ample; abundant
ancestorperson from whom one is directly descended
evolveto develop by gradually changing
availableable to be used
classifiedarrange in groups or classes
crocusesspring-blooming purple and yellow plants
iristhe round pigmented part of the eye
habitatthe region where a plant or animal naturally lives


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