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DragonBall Z attack quiz

Can you identify what the Japanease terms mean in english?

BukujutsuThe ability to fly with ones ki
Kamehameha"Turtle Destruction Wave"
BakuhatshuRaise two fingers to destroy alot of ground
Genki DamaThe spirit bomb, made from gathered ki
KaiokenA powerful powerup move which endangers the body.
KienzanDestructo Disk or "Circle of Ki"
Renzoku Energy DanMachine gun ki attack
Saiko No KogekiA Ki blast shot from the mouth
Shishin No kenSplit a fighter into four forms
TaiyokenSolar Flare
Time stopStop the time
YokaiekiShoot acid through a split in the head.
Potara-Kaiohshin FusionFusion of two charactors into one by each one wearing an earing. A permanantly fused being.
Fusion WazaFusion of two charactors into one by each doing a silly little dance. The effect only lasts for thirty minutes.

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