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Ch. 15 Vocab.

exspecto, exspectare, -avi, -atum - look out for, await
longus, -a, -um - adj.long
diu - adv.for a long time
appareo, apparere, -ui, -iturum - appear
rota, -ae - f.wheel
procul - the distance, far off
nubes, nubis -
pulvis, pulveris - m.dust
plaustrum, -i - n.wagon, cart
onus, oneris - n.load, burden
tardus, -a, -um - adj.slow
praeterea - adv.besides
bos, bovis - m./f.ox
fortasse - adv.perhaps
tantum - adv.only
quattuor -four
praetereo, praeterire, -ii/-ivi, -iturum - irreg. go past
homines, hominum - m. pl.people
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