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Diseases of the Eye - A&P1

Match the disease of the eye with its description.

conjunctivitisinfection of the eye; also called pinkeye
hordeolumalso known as a sty
ptosiseyelid not completely raised
presbyopiaerror of refraction due to aging
strabismuscross eyes
glaucomacharacterized by increased intraocular pressure
detached retinanervous inner layer of eye falls away from the choroid
choked discindication of increased intracranial pressure
night blindnessmay be caused by a deficiency of vitamin A
astigmatismerror of refraction - cornea is flattened or uneven
corneal abrasiantrapping of foreign body between cornea & eyelid
keratitisinflammation of cornea w/ ulcers
blepharitisinflammation of margins of eyelids
exophthalmosprotusion of eyeball(s)
nystagmusinvoluntary movement of eye(s)
ectroptionlower lid everts from eyeball
entropioneyelid margins turn inward
blepharoptosispermanent drooping of upper eyelid
chalazionpainless slow-growing mass on margin or body of eyelid
scleritisinflammation of sclera
uveitisinflammation of uveal tract

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