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Rachel's Insects

What is the term for what insects do when they go into a long, deep sleep for the winter?hibernate
What is the term for what insects do when they grow a new skeleton and crawl out of the old one?molt
What does an insect use its ovipositor to do?lay eggs
This is an example of a social insect.termite
This is an example of a parasite.lice
This insect has only one pair of wings.mosquito
The larva of this insect spins a cocoon.moth
The larva of this insect grows a crysalis.butterfly
The five ways insects communicate:sight, smell, touch, dancing, and sound.
How does a lacewing protect itself?By letting off a bad odor.
What gives the monarch butterfly its bitter taste?the milkweed it eats.
What is a predator?an animal that feeds on other living animals.
What is a parasite?An animal or insect that attaches itself to another animal or insects and feeds on it.
What is camouflage?a disguise to blend in with surroundings
What is mimicry?the close resemblance of a harmless animal to a harmful one.
A moths antannae are ?feathery
A butterflies wings are in what position when it is resting?folded.
Is a moth's body thick or thin?thick
Which insect has the softest exoskeleton?fly
Antennae help insects do what?taste, smell, and find direction.

Kaylyn Stone

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