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Another Vocab List

Just another wonderful Vocab list for me to study and do absolutely nothing with until the final.

acostarse (ue)to go to bed
afeitarseto shave
banarseto bathe oneself
cepillarse el pelo, los dientesto brush (one's hair, teeth)
darse prisato hurry
desayunarseto eat breakfast
despertarse (ie)to wake up
divertirse (ie, i)to have a good time
dormirse (ue, u)to fall asleep
ducharseto take a shower
lavarse (las manos, el pelo, los dientas)to wask (one's hands, hair, brush one's teeth)
levantarseto get up
maquillarseto put on makeup
peinarseto comb
ponerseto put on
prepararseto get ready, prepare oneself
quedarse en camato stay in bed
sentarse (ie)to sit down
servirse (i, i)to prepare for oneself, to serve oneself
tardarseto take a long time
vestirse (i, i)to get dressed
encargarse deto take charge of
lavar la ropato wash clothes
lavar los platosto wash dishes
ocuparse deto take care of
poner la mesato set the table
quitar la mesato clear the table
la culpafault
un(a) dormilon(ona)sleepyhead
un ejemploexample
el latinLatin
una tareahomework
comenzar (ie)to begin
charlarto chat
durarto last
encerrarse (ie)to lock oneself in
exagerarto exaggerate
irseto leave, to go away
llamarseto be named
mirarseto look at oneself
moverse (ue)to move
regresarto return
reunirseto meet, get together
calientewarm, hot
mismo (a)same
bastanterather, enough
como aaround, about
en frente deacross from, facing
a eso deat about, around
!Ave Maria!Good heavens!
un buen ratoa good while
de nuevoagain
!Dense prisa!Hurry up!
en primer lugarin the first place
en todo casoin any event
es decirthat is to say
les voy a prepararI'm going to prepare, make...for you
los dosthe two, both
los esperawaits for them
nos vamoswe're leaving
nos vemoswe see
!Que cosa!Good grief!
ya en casaonce home
!Ya es hora!It's about time!
yo voy a hacerloI'm going to do it


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