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The Grand Wizard of the depths of the epitimized lake of firery burning sulfur. Death to all albino egotistical iguanas.

As the egotistical iguana made its way down main street, the optimistical beaver brutally slaughtered the pesamistic platapus. Onlt to result is anger from the tribe of hungary hypocritical bagers.

to go to bedaco starse
to shavea feitarse
to bathe oneselfbanarse
to brush ones haircepillarse el pelo
to hurrydarse prisa
to eat breakfastdesayunarse
to wake updespertarse
to have a good timemacarena/divertirse
to fall asleepdormirse
to take a showerducharse
to washlavarse
to get uplevantarse
to put on makeupmaquillarse
to combpeinarse
to put onponerse
to get readyprepararse
to stay in bedquedarse en cama
to sit downsentarse
to prepare oneselfservirse
to take a long timeterdarse
to get dressedvestirse
to take charge ofencargdirse de
to wash clotheslavar la ropa
to wash disheslavar los platos
to take care ofocuparse de
to set the tableponer la mesa
to clear the tablequitar la mesa
faultla culpa
sleepyheadun dormilon
exampleun ejemplo
Latinel latin
homeworkuna tarea
to begincomenzar
to chatcharlar
to lastdurar
to lock oneself inencerrase
to exaggerateexagerar
to leaveirse
to be namedllamarse
to look at oneselfmirarse
to movemoverse
to returnregresar
to meetreunirse
aroundcomo a


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