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Chapter 8

"The Rise of Europe"

Who was charles martel?732AD: He stopped the muslim advance at the "battle of tours"
Who was Pepin the Short?He consolidated power by pushing back invaders; He established the Papal States-land around Rome to the Pope in exchange of reconishion
Who was Charlemagus?He was the king of the Franks; he conquered the non-christians and brought them under his power; on christmas day, he was reconised by the Pope "crowned" emporer of the Romans then converts many to Christians by force
What did his grandson's do?They fought over the empire spliting it in three ways causing "treaty of Verdun"; they start invading eachother and the empior ends
Who was Missi Dominici?Lords Messenger, he insured public works, roads, etc; travelled from province to provence
What were the "seven" sacraments of tthe church?a. baptism, b. Communion, c. Membership, d. Repentance, e. Holy Orders, f. Matrimony, g. Anointing of the dying
What was the Bishop incharge of?He managed the number of parishes that made up a diocese
What was the Curia?a group of counselors
Who were the most improtant of the Curia?Cardinals, they advised the pope on legal and spiritual matters
What wer the three ways monks and nuns served god?1. Throught Prayer 2. fasting 3. Self-dinial
What does monasticism mean?The way of life in monasteries and convents
What three things did monks have to do under the assets of standards?1. Couldn't own anything 2. Spent several hours in prayer 3. Everything worn or used belonged to the community
What did monks do?They did most ofthe coping of books during the middle ages, they also added small paintings at the begining of the margins
What was the churches code of law?Canon law, using excommunication and interdict
What was the dark age called, how big was it?Tecab- it ws the size of Mannhattan
Who first discovered the mayans?John lyoid Stevens, 1839
Why did the Spanish Priest burn all the books og the mayans?he found out they were still practicing their own beliefs , nd that made him extreamly mad.
What other science was teh maya math tied to?Astronomy
What was teh purpose of the mayan pyramids?It was their solar caleander and had 365 steps for each day; and as a sun dyal to tell the time
What was the source of the power of the kings?the kings and queens drew royal blood to the gods

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