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Sat Prep Vocab, List 3 Part 2

uniformconsistent; unchanging; the same for everyone
incoherentjumbled; chaotic; impossible to understand
repressto hold down
articulatespeaking clearly and well
solicitto ask for; to seek
reproachto scold
condescendto stoop to someone's else's, usually in an offensive way; to patronize
orthodoxconventional; adhering to established principles or doctrines, especially in religion; by the book
congenialagreeably suitable; pleasant
precludeto prevent; to make impossible; to shut out
apprehensiveworried, anxious
elaboratedetailed; careful; thorough
arrogantfeeling superior to others; snooty
elusivehard to pin down; easive
effaceto erase; to rub away the features of
taciturnuntalkative by nature
ameliorateto make better or more tolerable
acquiesceto give in; to agree
atrophyto waste away from lack of use
dubiousdoubtful; uncertain
flagrantshockingly noticeable or evident; obvious; notorious or scandalous

Gigi Moore

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