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African Grasslands

African Grasslands Vocabulary

Tropical grasslands_are also called savannahs.
Fire____ helps clear away dead plants?
TanzaniaWildebeests and zebras spend the rainy season in____.
KenyaWildebeests and zebras spend the dry season in____.
River crossings_ are the most dangerous part of the wildebeests migration home.
Browsers_ eat twigs and leaves.
Grazers_ eat grass.
Decomposers_ break up the soil and add nutrients to it.
Predators_ are animals that hunt and catch their food.
Impala_ is a plant eater that can run 50 miles per hour and leap into the air.
Nocturnal animals_ are active at night.
preditors' leftoversScavengers mostly eat ______.
Termites_are decomposers that replace nutrients in the soil and are most easily visible.

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