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What Era of history was europe in during the time of the Maya?The Dark Ages
What was Tecab?The greatest Mayan city
Who were the mayas ancestorsThe adraitic peoples
What was a subject of great importance to the Maya?Astronomy
What were the mayan pyramids built like?They were built in the shape of calendars
When did the maya think the world would end?Sunday December 23, 2012
what did the maya's sacrifice to the gods?There own blood
What did the maya people think the blood sacrifice brought them?The rising sun, the falling rains, and the growing crops
What was the purpose of the maya ball game?To offer the losing team as a sacrifice to the gods
On what continent is the Kingdom of Ghana located?Africa
what is the second largest continent?Africa
What is the greates percentage of africa made up of?Savannah
What percentage does the rainforests take up on the African continent?5%
What is the most fertile land in Africa?Mediteranean coastline and southern tip
What is located btween Niger and the senegal rivers?The kingdom of Ghana
How many trade routes converged at Ghana?2
How did the emporer of Ghana control hi land?Through the control of all gold mined in his land
Why was Ghana's Army so advanced?They had iron tipped spears
What was the status of women?They held positions of power.
Who conquered the Kingdom of Ghana? And When?The muslims in 1050 AD
What is a vassal?A lesser lord who in return for land would offer loyalty and service to the greater lord
What is a fief?an estate granted to a vassal by a lord
What is a knight?A mounted wearrior
what was the code of Chivalry?The law by which a knight lived by
What is a troubador?Wandering poets
What is a manof?the lord of the estates
What is a serf?Were servants bound to their land and went with it.
What effects did chivalry have on women?It raised their status and called for them to be protected and charished.
What was the Peasent lord relationship?The peasants worked the land and made any neccesary repairs and the lord had to pay the peasants and give them a place to live.
who was the first king of the franks?Clovis
What was the powerful force that began sweaping over the mediterranean world?The muslims
Who was Charlemagne?The leader of the great empire that streched over France, Germany, and parts of Italy
Who were the vikings?Feirce warriors who snapped the last threads of Charlemagne's great empire
What resources did europe have at the dawn of the middle ages?Coal, fish, furs, iron, and timber
What group led the first wave of invasions through Charlemagne's empire?The muslims
What groups were part of the second wave of invasions through Charlemagnes empire?The mengayers and the Vikings
What steps did Charlemagne take to improve government and unify his empire?insured public works,appointed nobles power over local regions, and made the Missi Dominici
Who crowned Charlemagne emporer of Rome? the pope
WHo did Chrlemagne conquer and bring under his controlThe non christian tribes
Who was Chrlemagne the king of?The Franks

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