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ELT 191 Set 7

In Windows 9x, how do you install a video drivedr that is not included on the Windows CD-ROM?Click on the "Have Disk" option and insert the disk or CD provicded by the maufacturer
What is the standard VGA resolution?640 x 480
What is the standard SVGA resolution?800 x 600
A monitor's voltage on teh back of teh CRT can reach up to ___ volts20,000
A monitor that scans every other line is known as what?Interlaced
Which of the following precuations should be taken when working inside a monitor?1) Discharge the CRT & 2) Use non-conductive tools
Should a monitor be plugged when discharging the CRT?No
The smallest element on a monitor is a ___Pixel
the space between each pixel triad is a monitor's ___Dot pitch
A user wants to run the monitor at the 800 x 600 resolution with 16 million colors. What is the minimum video ram necessary?2 MB
A user wants to run the monitor at the 1024 x 768 resolution with 16 million colors. What is the minimum video ram necessary?4 MB
What is the best dot pitch for a 17" monitor?.26
To what type of ports do modems normally connnect?Serial
A 28.8 modem normally transmits between ___ bits/second28,000 - 28,800
What command resets a modem to its power-up settings?ATZ
Which of the following signals is present when a modem is receiving data?Carrier Detect (CD) and Receive Data (RD)
If a mouse connects to COM1, what port and IRQ should a new modem be assigned?COM2-IRQ3
In rrelationship to modems, what do the letters RTS stand for?Reqeust to Send
In relationship to modems, what do the letters CTS stand for?Clear to Send
To which of the following would you normally connect an external modem?RS-232 port, COM port and ASYNCH port
Which component controls serial port communications?UART
What modem command is used to disconnect the phone connection?ATH
What is teh modem command is used to reset the modem to factory defaults?AT&F
Which of the following modem commands is used to dial a number using touch-tone dialing?ATDT
Where can a UART be located?On the motherboard, on an adapter that contains a serial port and on an external modem
the binary data sent to an internal modem throught the motherboard is..converted to analog and sent to the phone line
Which of the following technologies would be associated with RJ-11 connectors?POTS
Which of the following is an example of hardware flow control and used with modems?RTS/CTS
An example of software flow control as used with serial ports?XON/XOFF
What modem term is used when describing the ability to transmit and receive simultaneously?Full Duplex
Which type of PC Card (PCMCIA) si the thinnest?Type I
What would you recommend for a customer who wants to use their laptop replicator at home but not when travelling?Implement hardware profiles
How many Type III PC cards can be installed into a laptop?1
2 purposes of a laptop's AC adapter?Convert AC to DC and Recharge the battery
What should be used to clean an LCD display?A damp cloth
Ability to insert and remove PC cards without powering down?Hot Swapping
Laptop hard drive are normally Type ___ PC Cards?Type III
A laptop modem is normally a Type ___ PC Card?Type II
Laptop memory, if located on a PC Card, is normally type ___?Type I
What type of PC Cards can fit into a single Type II slot?Type I and II
Which of the following terms decribes teh most basic software layer that allows PC Cards to operate?Socket Services
Which of the following terms describes the laptop PC Card software that manages teh allocation of the system resources?Card services

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