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English is FUN! Do you like fruit? Fruit is good for you! Let's learn about fruit.

English Vocabulary
This is a lemon. It’s very sour. Lemons are tasty.
Lemons are yellow. Lemons are round. Lemons
are too sour. I like lemon juice.

This is a banana. It’s long and yellow. Look and listen. It’s sweet and tasty. I love bananas. Bananas are yellow and sweet.
Is this a banana? Is it yellow? Is it long? Is it sweet and long? Is it tasty?
Do you like bananas?

These are cherries. Cherries are red. Cherries are round. Cherries are usually sweet. Sometimes they are sour. I like cherries.

These are grapes. Grapes are purple. Grapes are round and tasty. I love grapes. Grapes are
delicious. Grapes make juice.
Who likes grapes?

This is a peach. Peaches are reddish pink and yellow. Peaches are very juicy. Peaches are round.
Peaches have seeds. Peaches are sweet and round.
I love peaches.

This is a pear. Pears are long and round. Pears are sweet. Pears are juicy. Pears are green and
brown. Pears are very tasty.

Are strawberries red? Are strawberries red and
small? Are strawberries tasty?

This is a plum. Plums are purple. Plums are sweet and juicy. Plums are small. Plums are
round. Plums have seeds.
Is a plum long or round? Is the plum purple?
Do you like plums?

Pineapples are tall. Pineapples are rough. Pineapples are round. Pineapples are sweet. I like pineapples.

This is a watermelon. Watermelons are Green. Watermelons are red inside. Watermelons are
big and long. Watermelons are round. Who
likes watermelon?

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