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China - grade 2

ancientlong ago
Which continent is China on?Asia
rivers in ChinaHuang He (Yellow River) Yangtze River, Xi Jiang River, Amur River
mountain range in ChinaHimalaya
highest peak in the worldMt. Everest
In China, the laws were handed down by whomwise men
This was build by the Ancient Chinese to protect them from invadersGreat Wall of China
Great Wall of Chinabuilt by hand, took 25 years to build, is a monument
made up of characters and symbolsChinese writing
Chinese writingcalligraphy
Ancient Chinese wrote on thisbamboo
a color that means happiness and good luckred
How long does the Chinese New Year Celebration last15 days
oldest continuous civilizationChina
clothes made of silkemperor and administrators
only person that can wear yellowemperior
clothes of poor people of Chinaloose garments made of hemp
tiny feetfeature of beauty in women
bound up tight from early childhoodgirls' feet
homes of Ancient Chinese were shapedsquare or rectangular
materials houses were made ofwood, bamboo, brick, and tile
poor homes floors were covered bybamboo mats or animal skins
kept out evil spirits in housesroofs
emperormost powerful person in China
second class of most powerful people in Chinanobles
They studied and wrote booksscholars
raised food fro everyonefarmers
Least important peopleshopkeepers, artists, and then merchants
Framers in the north grewmillet, wheat, and hemp
framers in the south grewrice
poor people lived off of a diet of _rice, cabbage, and a little pork and bean curd.
rich people ateox, mutton, deer, pig, and bamboo shoots
Chinese were the first people to drinkTea
Stated school at age 7boys
girlsdidn't go to school/learned to spin, weave, and embroider, and help their mothers at home
Chinese writing is readvertically-from top to bottom
Chinese inventedpaper, compass, gunpowder, porcelain, paper money, kites, wheelbarrows, abacuses, canals, toilet paper, and silk
Chinese calendar is based onlunar cycles or cycles of the moon.
Cycles are named fordifferent animals
dynastyperiod of time when a fmaily ruled
Named after a ruling familydynasty
Ancient Chinese created a system to water the fieldsirrigation

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