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To Kill a Mockingbird Terms

John Deweybelieved in learning via experience
Finchkind of bird
mockingbirdharmless bird or character
entailmentstipulation that one's property cannot be sold
epigraphallusive quote betw. title + text
scoutforerunner, searcher
prejudiceprejudging for ANY reason
bildungsromannovel of education
Aunt Alexandrasymbol of femininity
Crashbeginning of the Depression
Old Sarumtrad. community named after ancient Brit. settlement
lynchingkidnapping + hanging of person accused of crime
Bullfinchallusion to mythology book
Methodismbelief that one can improve one's character
The Gray Ghostnovel asso. w/Boo
Dewey decimal systembk. ID system, Miss C. is using neither it or John Dewey
Atticusnamed after a black bishop who opposed lynching
BooArthur Radley, turned by legend into a monster
Arthurconnects Boo to legendary and chivalrous king
novel of educationTKAM is one in 3 diff. ways

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