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Ashleys Global Warming Game

Carbon dioxidecolorless odorless gas that occors naturally in the atmosphere
deforestationthe destrution of the worlds forrests to clear land for agriculture or to provide timber.
fosil fulesfules like coal oil and natural gas that were formed by the remains of plant and anmial matter deposit during the earth's carboiferous period
global warmingan increase in the earth's tempreture near the earth's surface caused by the strengthining of the greenhouse effect
greenhouse effectthe process by wich gases in the earth's atmosphere absorb heat energy radating from the surface and then reradiate some of heat back tword earth.
green house gasesgases like carbon dioxide,menthane,and nitrous oxide that "trap" heat in the earth's atmosphere
menthanea gas released as organic matter dcomposes
metric tona unit of 1,000 kilograms equivalent to 2204.62 pounds
old groth forrestsa forrest that has never in its known history been cut down
paleoclimatologythe study of the study of the acient climate

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