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A good review of Historic American People.

Clara BartonFounder of the American Red Cross
James BeckwourthMountain man that founded an important pass through the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Frederick DouglassAbolitionist, founded the "North Star" newspaper
SacajaweaGuide, Navigator, and Peace symbol for the Lewis and Clark expedition
Lucretia MottAbolitionist and Suffragist
Harriet Tubman"Moses of her People", Important Conductor of the Underground Railroad
Sojourner TruthAbolitionist who changed her name from Isebella Baumfree to symbolize her lifes work
SequoyahCreated the Cherokee Alphabet
Ulysses S, GrantUnion General who accepted the Confederate's surrender
Eli WhitneyGreat inventor of the Industrial Revolution, he created the Cotton Gin
Dorothea DixDevoted her life fighting for better treatment of prisoners and the mentally ill
Benjamin BannekerAfrican American astronomer, mathmatician, and inventor, who helped design Washington D.C.
Meriwether LewisLed the "Corps of Discovery" through the Louisianna Territory
Susan B. AnthonyAbolitionist and Suffragist who fought for Equal Rights for women
Henry Clay"The Great Compromiser" his compromises kept the balance between Slave states and Free states
Alexander HamiltonFirst Secratery of Treasury, He created a National Bank for America
Nat TurnerSlave who led the most famous slave rebellion in U.S. history
William Lloyd GarrisonAbolitionist who published the Anti-Slavery newspaper "The Liberator"

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