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Chapter 26

LindberghThis celebrity spoke our against Am. interventionism, believing the Bristih would drag us down in defeat with them.
AppeasementHistory proved that this policy followed at Munich did not bring "peace in our time"
HavanaUnder this act, Am. promised to protect and control any western hemisphere colony belonging to a nation conquered by Germany.
ChamberlainHe represented GB at the Munich Conference.
Pearl HarborDecember 7th, 1941.
RadarThis device greatly aided the Royal Air Force during the "Battle of Britain"
PanamaThe US signed the Declaration of ______ warning all warring nations to keep their naval ships away from North and South Am.
CubaFDR renounced Am's legal right, established by the Platt Amendment, to intervene in the affairs of this nation.
Ultra SecretChurchill allowed the British city of Coventry to be bombed in order to keep this secret.
Flying FortressAm's B-17 long range bomber.
NaziIn 1923, agter his ___ thugs failed to take over this state of Bavaria in Germ. Hitler was sent to prison.
WillkieDuring the 1940 pres. election, he and FDR both supported the selective service registration of Amn males
NyeThis north Dakota US Senator held hearings that seemed to show that bankers and "bomb makers" made huge profits from the Great War
DeweyHe lost the nomination to Wendell willkie as candidate for Pres. at 1940 Republican Party convention.
JapanThis industrialized nation decided to use military aggression to obtain the vital raw materials it lacked.
FiftyFDR transferred ___ old US destroyers to GB in exchange for Amn use of eight British naval bases.
PolandWith Germany's invasion of this country on Sept. 1, 1939, war broke out in Europe
MagicThis program allowed the US to break this secret code of the Japanese military high command
CorporalHitler held this rank as a soldier during the Great War.
SonarThis was used to locate submerged subs.
RooseveltHe broke an Amn tradition followed since Washington, when he ran for a third term.
Big LieHitler beleived that dictators should rule by the ___ ___.
Manchuriaeven though Japan invaded ______ and was condemned by the LoN, the western democracies would not take action against Japan.
BurmaThe ____ Road was the Allies main route for supplies to the Chinese.
PanayTwo Amn sailors died as a result of a Japanese attack on this US gunboat on the Yangtze river in 1937.
Cash CarryUnder the Neutrality Act of 1937, all nations at war could only buy Amn goods on a "___ and ___" basis.
Frank KnoxThis Republican Senator supported FDR's "preparedness" policies, and helped to get the Neutrality Act of 1939 passed lifting the arms embargo.
MussoliniThis fasist leader wanted to restore to Italy an empire rivaling the ancient Roman Empire.
GreerAfter this US destroyer was sunk, FDR issued orders to sink German subs on sight.
AlienThe ___ Registration Act made it illegal for any person in Am to advocate the overthrow of the govt by force or violence.
Buenos AiresAt this conference, Am joined twenty other nations in pledging to resist foreign intervention anywhere in the western hemisphere.
Third ReichHitler believed his German empire would last for a thousand years.
BlitzkriegGermany used this new style of warfare to quickly overrun and defeat the nations of Europe.
StalinThe world was shocked in 1939 when he signed a mutual non-aggression pact with Hitler.
SudetenlandA the Munich conference, Hitler prommised that if given this he would not make any more demands upon Czechoslovakia.
Reuben JamesThe sinking of this US destroyer by a Germ sub clearly showed taht Am was involved in an "undeclared" war
EthiopiaIn 1935 pursuin its dreams of empire, Italy invaded this African nation.
Hitlerhe believed that Aryan were the Master Race entitled to rule the world.
TojoIn 1941, a warlike government came to power in Japan under this General.
World CourtFDR was unable to convince the Senate that Am should join the ___ ____ which had been set up by the LoN.
Trade AggrementsWithout Senate approval, the Pres could raise or lower tariffs in response to the tariffs of other antions under this Act of 1934.
Day of InfamyFDR declared the Japs surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th as a ___ __ ______.
Sea LionHitler had to postpone operation ___ ____ the planned invaion of Great Briatin, due to the effective defense by the British air force.
Billy MitchellHe demonstratied the importance of air power in future naval battles when his bombers sank a captured German battleship in 1921.
Mein KampfHitlers book, declared that Germans were the Master Race and that the only good government was a dictatorship.
Fransisco FrancoThis Fasist General was supported by both Hitler and Mussolini during a bloody civil war in spain during the mid-1930's
Alien RegistrationThis Act was commonly known as the Smith Act, it was passed in 1940 and made it illegal for any person in Am to advocate the overthrow of the government by force of violence.
CanadaIn August 1938, FDR made a speech outlining how he would extend the protection of the Monroe doctrine to the people of where?
majority of voters approvedIsolationists in Am sought to have an ammendment to the Constitution passed which would allow the US to go to war only if a ___
Arsenal for DemocracyWhile runnign for reelection as Pres in1940, FDR announced that America must become this.

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