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Lesson 16A Review 1

The Matching Game is a great way to learn these words and their meanings. Click on the LIST of words and you can see them all or print them out.

retrogressivemoving backward; degenerating
proponentone who puts forward a proposition or proposal
circumstantialof, pertaining to
tensilecapable of being "stretched" out, of or pertaining to tension
secessionformal withdrawal from an alliance or association
abstinenceforbearance from food, drink, etc.; self-restraint
concurrentoccurring or existing together or side by side; acting in conjunction, cooperating
centrifugalmoving or directed outward from the center
adventcoming to a place, view or being; arrival
dejecteddepressed in spirits, disheartened
curatorthe custodian in charge of a museum, art collection etc.
demoteto reduce to a lower grade or class
latencystate of being hidden, concealed, not apparent
sedimentmatter which settles to the bottom of a liquid; dregs
procumbentlying on the face; prone; prostrate
recessionact of withdrawing
compensationsomething given or received as an equivalent for services, debt, loss, etc
remitto transmit or send money; to pardon or forgive
dilateto make wider or larger;
intermittentceasing for a time; alternately stopping and beginning again
dissidentdiffering; disagreeing (one who differs)
precursorone who or that which precedes; a predecessor
distendto stretch apart or asunder
trajectorythe curve described by a projectile in its flight through the air
sustainto "hold" or bear up from below; be the support of
tenetany opinion, principle, doctrine held as true
composta compound, mixture of various substances as dung, dead leaves, decaying
regressivemoving backward
recompenseto make compensation to; to repay
tenacious"holding" fast; highly retentive, persistent, stubborn
unremittingnot slackening; incessant
interveneto come between in action 2) to fall of happen between other events
aberrationact of wandering from the usual way or normal course
substantiationestablishing by proof or competent evidence
antecedentgoing or being before; preceding; prior
componenta constituent part
incursiona hostile entrance into 2) a harmful inroad,
degradationact of reducing from a higher to a lower rank as a punishment
indispensableabsolutely necessary or requisite
unprecedentednever known before; unexampled
juxtapositionposition side by side; 2)placing close together
constituenta component; a voter or resident in a representative's district
subsistenceexistence 2) provision of sustenance or support
exponentone who or that which expounds or explains 2) a representative; type; symbol
incompatibleincapable of existing together in harmony
sustenancemeans of sustaining life; nourishment
dispensationdistribution, management 2) an appointment, as by God 3) a doing away with
attenuatedmade "thin", slender, fine 2) weakend of reduced in force, intensity, value
concessionact of "yielding" as a right or privilege, or as a point of fact
recurrentoccurring or appearing again, especially repeatedly or periodically
transgressto pass over or go beyond a limit
sedentarycharacterized by or requiring a "sitting" position
restitutionreparation made by giving an equivalent or compensation for loss, damage, injury
pendulous"hanging"; swinging freely; vacillating
encompassto form a circle about; surround
erroneousmistaken; containing "error"
covenantan agreement between tow or more persons, contract
tenablecapable of being "held" of defended against attack
deposeto remove from office or positon
residuethat which remains after a part is taken
surpassto go beyond in amount; extent or degree; exceed 2) be superior to
exceedto "go" beyond the bounds or limits of in quantity
interjectto "throw" in abruptly between other things
pretensepretending; make believe
impendto be near at hand--to "hang" over
persistto continue steadily a course of action
ejectto drive or force out; expel

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