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Vocabulary 7-12 10th Grade

Accredita. to recognize as having met official standards. b. to credit with. c. to authorize.
Credencea. acceptance as ture or valid ; belief. b. claim to acceptance; trustworthiness.
Credentiala. something that entitles a person to confidence, credit, or authority. b. a letter or other written evidence of a person's qualifications or status; a reference.
Credibilitya. the quality of deserving confidence; plausibility; reliability. b.readiness to believe.
Creditabledeserving commendation; praiseworthy.
Creduloustending to believe too readily; easily deceived; gullible.
Creedany statement or system of belief, principles, or opinions that guides a person's actions .
Discredita. to cast doubt on; destroy belief, faith, or trust in. b. to damage in reputation; disgracce. c. to refuse to beleive in. d. doubt; lack of trust. e. loss or damage to one's reputation.
Incrediblea. too extraordinary to be possible. b. astonishing; amazing.
Miscreanta person who behaves badly or criminally; villian, wicked; base.
Alacrityspeed and willingness in acting or responding; cheerful readiness; eagerness.
Composurecontrol over one's emotions; steadiness of manner; tranquility.
Ennuilistleness and dissatisfaction resulting from inactivity or lack of interest; boredom.
Imperturbablenot easily disturbed or excited; unshakably calm and collected.
Impetuoustending toward subbenness and boldness of action; impulsive; hasty.
Inciteto provoke to action; rouse; stir up or urge on.
Indolenta. reluctant to exert oneself; habiltually lazy. b. suggesting a calm idelness and ease.
Inerta. having no power to move or act; lifeless. b. exhibiting no chemical activity.
Pandemoniuma. wild uproar or noise; tumult. b. a place of wild disorder and confusion.
Serenitythe quality of being untroubled or inruffled; peacefulness.
Brazenrudely bold; insolent. To face or undergo with bold or brash self-assurance.
Complaisantshowing a desire or willingness to please ; cheerfully oblining; amiable.
Conspicuousa. easy to notice; obvious. b. attracting attention be being unusual or remarkable.
Docileeasily managed or taught; gentle.
Flamboyanta. exaggerated or high-flown in style or manner; showy. b. highly elaborate ; ornate. c. richly colored; vivid.
Interpidcourageous; fearless; bold.
Pacificpromoting peace; peaceful; tranquil; serene.
Reserveda. quient and restrained in manner. b. held for a particular person or persons.
Stridenthaving a shrill, harsh, and grating sound or effect.
Unabashednot embarrassed or ashamed.
Averta. to turn a way or aside. b. to prevent form happening.
Diversifya. to give variety to; vary. b. to extend (activities) into distinct fields.
Diversiona. something that relaxes or entertains; recreation. b. the act of turning aside a course or direction. c. the act of drawing the attention from one thing to another.
Inadvertenta. accidental; unintentional. b. not duly attentive.
Incontroversibleindisputable; unquestionable.
Inverta. to turn inside out or upside down. b. to reverse the position, order, or condition of.
Irrevesiblea. incapable of being reversed.
Reverta. to turn to a former condition, practice or belief
Versatilea. capable of doing many things competently. b. having varied uses or functions.
Veritgoa. the sensation of dizziness and the feeling that oneself or one's environment
Flagrantextremely or deliberately noticable; glaring
Flauntto show off in order to impress others; display boastfully.
Furtivedone quickly and with stealth; sly.
Latentpresent or capable of coming into existence but not evident, active, or visible.
Ostensiblerepresented or appearing a certain way, but often not actually so; professed.
Salienta. standing out and attracting attention; noticable; prominent. b. projecting or jutting beyond a line or surface; protruding up or out.
Sequesterto remove or withdraw from public view; seclude; set apart.
Subterfugea. deception by means of a strategy or device. b. a deceptive strategy or device.
Surrepitiousdone or acting in secret; sneaky.
Unobtrusivea. not readily noticeable; inconspicuous b. not aggressive; discreet.
Didactica. intended to teach or instruct. b. teaching a moral lesson.
Edifyto instruct in order to bring about intelectual , moral, or spiritual improvement.
Elucidateto make clear or plain. to give an explanation that makes something clear.
Eruditea. possessing deep and extensive learning, especially learning gotten from books; learned.
Explicita. expressed clearly and precisely, without any possibility of misunderstanding. b. forthright and umbiguous in expression.
Imbuea. to pervade or permeate as if with dye or stain. b. to dye/stain intensely.
Indoctrinatea. to instruct in the beliefs or principles of a party, sect, or other special group. b. to teach a body of doctrine to.
Instillto introduce gradually.
Pedagogythe art or profession of teaching.
Pedantica. marked by a concern for minute, often unimportant and uninteresting details. b. making a show of scholarship or book learning.

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