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Global Studies 10--French Revolution

BourgeoisieThe wealthy middle class and members of the 3rd estate. They had all the money but no political rights. They were well educated.
RobespierreJacobin revolutionary who led the Reign of Terror. He wanted to crush all opposition to the Revolution.
Committee of Public SafetyThe group who would turn to report a person who was plotting against the republic.
NapoleonThe leader of France after the Reign of Terror. He used ideas of nationalism to gain power.
National AssemblyThe third estate
Declaration of the Rights of Man and the CitizenGave freedom and equality--said all men were born free and equal in rights
Napoleonic CodeReflected enlightenment principles by guaranteeing the equality of all citizens before the law
Tennis Court Oathto form the new Constitution
1791 Constitutionlimited monarchy, took the nobles land, eliminated guilds and dismantled the feudal system.
Congress of Viennaset up to create lasting peace by establishing a balance of power and to protect the system of monarchy.
Causes of the French Revolutionsocial: uneven power, food shortages, unfair class system; political: weak kings, unwilling to tax nobility and clergy; economic: no taxes paid by first and second estates, overspending and overtaxation
Goals that were met by the French Revolutionlimited monarchy, took land from nobles, guilds were eliminated, dismantled the feudal system, freedom of religion
Goals of the French Revolutionto even out the tax system, to give equal vote for peasants and to allow them to own land, to change government control and regulation over trade and manufacturing, limit monarchy
Role of women during the French RevolutionMarched on Versailles because they were angry over prices of bread and shortages and women's rights. Women gained the right to inherit property, made divorce easier. Losses included women could not express views in public, women's revolutionary clubs banned.
Jacques-Louis Davidartist who did the Crowning of Napolean and the Tennis Court Oath
PrussiaAttacked France
NationalismPride in one's nation/country
AustriaHapsburg's originated here
40,000 people were killed during this timethe Reign of Terror
Napolean lost at the...Battle of Waterloo
During the moderate phase there was a new government formed by the 3rd Estate called theNational Assembly
Who was Robespierre?headed the radical phase
What was the Act of Union?it united England and Scotland
Napolean took the title of...Emperor
The title of the head of ParliamentPrime Minister
England is an...island
Who were the sans culotte?the working class who called for radical action in France
What was St. Helena?Napoleon was forced to abdicate and exile to here
Who were the Jacobins?led by Robespierre
Who were the Girondins?rival group to the Jacobins
What were the three estates?French society was divided into three estates: 1st estate was clergy, 2nd estate was nobles, 3rd estate was middle class and peasants
What was the Directory like before Napoleon's rise to power?weak, dictatorial and faced growing discontent--tried to suppress the sandculotte when they rioted over rising bread prices
What were some of the results of the French Revolution?France adopts first written constitution,monarchy abolished,Napoleon gains power,ยง Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen adopted

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