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Medical Terminology Ch 2, Suffixes

Continuation of Medical Terminology Ch 2, Suffixes

-algia / -dyniapain
-genic / -genesisorigin or production
-lysisbreaking down or dissolution
-peniaabnormal reduction
-spasminvoluntary contraction
-celepouching or hernia
-ectasisexpansion or dilation
-emiablood condition
-iasisformation of or presence of
-osiscondition or increase
-phil / -philiaattraction for
-ptosisfalling or downward displacement
-rrhage / -rrhagiato burst forth
-centesispuncture for apsiration
-pexysuspension of fixation
-plastysurgical repair or reconstruction
-stomycreation of an opening
-enoun marker
-ia / -ismcondition of
-iumstructure or tissue
-ycondition or process of
-ac / -al / -ar / -ary / -eal / -ic / -ous / -ticpertaining to
-icle / -ole / -ula / -ulesmall
-graphinstrument for recording
-graphyprocess of recording
-iatrics / -iatrytreatment
-logystudy of
-logistone who specializes in the study or treatment of
-istone who specializes in
-meterinstrument for measuring
-metryprocess of measuring
-scopeinstrument for examination
-stasisstop or stand
patho / -pathydisease
philo / philiaattraction for
plaso / plasiaformation
tropho / trophynourishment or development

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