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Human Anatomy Skeletal Terminology Review 11/3/00

Skeletal Terminology

ProcessAny projection or bump
RamusAn extension of a bone making an angle to the rest of the structure
TrochanterA large, rough projection
TuberosityA smaller, rough projection
TubercleA small, rounded projection
CrestA prominent ridge
LineA low ridge
SpineA pointed process
HeadThe expanded articular end of an epiphysis, separated from the shaft by the neck
NeckA narrow connection between the epiphysis and the diaphysis
CondyleA smooth, rounded articular process
TrochleaA smooth, grooved articular process shaped like a pulley
FacetA small, flat articular surface
FossaA shallow depression
SulcusA narrow groove
ForamenA rounded passageway for blood vessels and/or nerves
CanalA large-diameter passageway through the substance of a bone
FissureAn elongate cleft
SinusA chamber within a bone, normally filled with air

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