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Global III Vocabulary - Ms. Dibner

Monarcha king or queen
Absolute monarcha king or queen who rules with unlimited power
Limited monarcha king or queen who rules with limited power
Autocrata person who rules a country with unlimited power
Divine rightThe theory that monarchs receive their power from God and should not be questioned or disobeyed
Mercantilisman economic system where a country exports more than it imports in order to make a profit
Exportto make products that are sold to another country
Importto buy a product from another country and bring it into your country
Entrepreneursomeone who takes a risk in order to make a profit
Capitalisman economic system where factories and businesses are privately owned and people try to make a profit
Subjecta person who is ruled by a ruler
Serfa peasant who worked on the land owned by a noble (feudalism)
Age of Explorationa time period when European countries explored the world to increase trade
Atlantic Slave Tradea trading system in which Europe, Africa and the Americas traded with each other
Colonyland that is settled on and ruled by another country
Humanisma movement during the Renaissance that focused on individuals instead of just religion. Humanists studied the Roman and Greek cultures
Protestant Reformationa religious movement led by Martin Luther who criticized the Catholic church and started his own Christian religion

Ms. Barham

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