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Credit Records

A fee paid for the use of creditINTEREST
A record of how dependable you have been in making credit paymentsCREDIT RATING
The part of an installment purchase that is paid immediately rather than in installmentsDOWN PAYMENT
A written promise to repay a loanPROMISSORY NOTE
An insurance payment that is made four times a yearQUARTERLY
The right to buy something now and pay for it laterCREDIT
A form on which you report information a bank or store will use to decide if you should receive creditCREDIT APPLICATION
An agreement with a store that allows you to buy merchandise and pay for it laterCHARGE ACCOUNT
A small loan made on a bank credit cardCASH ADVANCE
The date on which the amount of a note must be paid backMATURITY DATE
The maximum balance you can have on a charge accountCREDIT LIMIT
An example of long term creditMORTGAGE LOAN

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