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Static Electricity

vocabulary from Chapter 2 section 1

electric fieldThe region around a charged object where the object’s electric force interacts with other charged objects.
electric forceis the attraction or repulsion between electric charges.
static electricitya build up of charges that do not flow continuously.
conservation of chargeThe law that states that charges are neither created nor destroyed but only transferred from one material to another.
frictionA method of charging an object by rubbing it against another object; the force that one object exerts on another when the two rub against each other.
conductionA method of charging an object by allowing electrons to flow by direct contact from one object to another object.
inductionA method of charging an object by means of the electric field of another object; the objects have no direct contact.
static dischargeThe loss of static electricity as electric charges transfer from one object to another.
proton chargepositive
electron chargenegative
repellike charges
attractunlike charges
St. Elmo's Firebluish glow sometimes seen during storms on the tops of tall pointed objects
neutral objectbalanced charges
versoriumdivice used by Sir William Gilbert in 1600 to show static charges
Ben Franklinexperimented with lightning
pith ballsmall styrofoam ball coated with metalic paint

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