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War of 1812 (Chapter 13 Section 4 in text)

(Chapter 13 Section 4 in text)

Embargo ActNo forign trade is allowed between the United States and other countries
Non-Intercourse ActReopened trade with all countries except France and England
Star Spangeld Bannernational anthem
War HawksWestern Americans who wanted war with England and for assisting the Indians wanted England out of Canada.
blockadethe blocking off of a city or port by enemy ships or other forces
first phase of war of 1812war fought strictly at sea
second phase of 1812began after the British defeated Napoleon
William Henry Harrisonwon Battle of the Thames
Oliver Hazard Perrymotto was "don't give up the ship"
Tecumsehdefeated at Battle of the Thames
Fort McHenrylocated in Baltimore harbor, inspired Star Spangled Banner
James MadisonPresident during the War of 1812
Washington DCburned by British hit and run attacks
Dolley Madisonsaved famous painting of George Washinton from being burned
Francis Scott Keyauthor of Star Spangled Banner
Andrew Jacksoncommander during Battle of New Orleans
Battle of New Orleansfought after the peace treaty was signed
Treaty of Ghentpeace treaty between Britain and the U.S.
secessionwithdrwing from the Union
Hartford Convention1814 meeting in whcih New Englands delegates met to discuss their opposition to the war
Federalistspolitical party which lost power after the Hartford Convention

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