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literary terms

Metaphorcreation of an image with no like or as
Similecreation of an image with like or as
Anastropheinversion of word order
Apostrophedirect address of person or thing
Appositionadding a coordinate element
Antithesiscontrasting ideas
Antimetabolerepetition of words in successive clauses in reverse order eat to live not live to eat
Ellipsisomission of word(s) implied
Asyndetonomission of conjunctions
Polysyndetontoo many conjunctions
Parenthesisinterrupation of flow in a sentence
Alliterationrepetition of consonants
Assonancerhyming or harmony of vowels
Onomatopoeiause of words or sounds to imitate sound effects
Anaphorarepetition of words for effect
Epistropherepetition of same word(s) at end of clauses
Anadiplosisrepetition of last word of one clause as first word of next
Paralipsispretending to pass over something, but mentioning it
Climaxhigh point
Polyptotonrepetition of words derived from same root = blood bleeds
Synecdochepart for the whole
Metonymysubstitution of some attribute for person, object
Punsplay on words
Syllepsisuse of a word understood differently in 2 different contexts
Zeugmause of a word in 2 different contexts where it only fits in one
Antonomasiacall someone by another,descriptive name
rhetorical questionasking a question to make a point
Personificationgive inanimate object human characteristics
Ironyuse of a word to convey opposite meaning
Oxymorona linking of an adjective and noun which contradict each other
Paradoxa contradictory situation

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