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P generationThe parent generation (remember if creating a family tree, this is the oldest generation)
F generationChildren/offspring generation
How many P generations are in a family tree?1
How many F generations are in a family tree?1 or more
Each trait has ___ factors, called ________2; genes
Where are genes located?On chromosomes
The color of a flower or whether you can roll your tongue are examples of___Traits/phenotype
Each gene has __ forms, called ____2; Alleles
The branch of biology that focuses on heredityGenetics
The mating or breeding of 2 individualscross
The passing of traits from parents to offspringHeredity
Allowing a flower to fertilize itselfSelf-fertilization
Transferring pollen from one plant to anotherCross polination
A cross that one tests one trait (ex. just flower color, or just plant height)Mono-hybrid crosses
You get one ____ from mom and one from dad for each trait (2 possible answers)Gene or Allele (both would be correct)
Capital letters symbolize ____ allelesDominant
Lowercase letters symbolize ____ allelesRecessive
The form of a trait that is expressed most oftenDominant
The form of a trait that is sometimes hidden.Recessive
When the 2 alleles for a gene are the sameHomozygous
When the 2 alleles for a gene are differentHeterozygous
gg is an example of a ____ geneHomozygous recessive
Hh is an example of a ____ geneHeterozygous
When a flower only shows ONE form of a trait over many generations (when purple flowers ONLY produce purple offspring)True breeding
The second generation of children would be called the ___ generationF2
This is not obvios when you look at a person (ex. heterozygous)Genotype
This is visible (ex. brown hair)Phenotype

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