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Unit 7 Vocabulary

initiativea process in some states that allows citizens to propose and enact laws
referenduma procedure that gives citizens the ability to accept or reject proposed legislation
recalla procedure that allows citizens of an area to vote an elected official out of office before their term has expired
governorthe chief executive of a state government
jury poola group of people who are requested to appear in court and from which the actual jury may be selected
sales taxa tax on the purchase of goods and services
sin taxa tax on goods that government deems harmful or immoral
bond ratinga measure of the probability that a bond issuer will pay its obligation to investors
rural areaa region of low population density where people live on farms or in small towns
urban areaa region characterized by cities and other areas of high population density
suburba primarily residential area that is located near a city and whose residents largely depend on the city for jobs and other services
metropolitan areaa city of 50,000 people or more, its suburs, and surrounding areas
megalopolisa densely populated area made up of two or more cities and their suburbs
townshipa unit of local government that exists primarily in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states and shares functions with municipal governments
municipalitya city or town with its own government
mayor-council systema system of local government in which the poser is shared by an elected chief executive and a seperately elected legislature
council-manager systema system of local governemnt in which an elected city council appoints a professional to run the government's day-to-day affairs
city managersomeone hired to run the daily operations of a municipality
commissiona board that holds all legislative, executive, and administrative power in a municipality
special districta unit of government, usually at the local level, that serves a very specific purpose and sometimes crosses existing political boundaries
property taxgovernment tax levied on the value of a person's home or business

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