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CONTINENTAL MARGIN region of the sea floor that contains the shelf and slope

CONTINENTAL SHELF part of the continent that is underwater

CONTINENTAL SLOPE where water deepens abruptly and the edge of the continental land mass drops off

OCEAN BASIN FLOOR begins where the slop ends, region made up of mountains, ridges, trenches, valleys, rifts, guyots, abyssal plains, and canyons plateau

ABYSSAL PLAIN vast smooth areas on floor

TRENCHES cracks on the earth’s crust, deepest part of the oceans

GUYOTS flat topped volcanic mountains

RIFT a valley that runs along the center of a ridge

SEAMOUNT isolated mountain that rises more than 3000 ft. above the sea floor

MID-OCEAN RIDGE great undersea mountain ranges characterized by frequent earthquakes and volcanoes

ISLAND seamount that rises above the surface of the water

__% of the earth’s surface is covered with water

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