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Rocks and Minerals

Follow instructions to practice vocabulary.

bedrocklayer of rock beneath the soil
chemical rocknon-clastic sedimentary rock formed by evaporation
chemical weatheringinvolves changes in chemical makeup of rocks
clastic rockssedimentary rock formed from fragments of rocks
cleavagetendency of minerals to break along smooth surfaces
compressiontype of stress that squeezes rocks together
crustsurface layer of the earth
crystalatoms or molecules arranged in a repeating pattern
densityamount of matter in a given space
erosionproducts of weathering are moved from one place to another
extrusive rockrock formed from lava
fossilthe preserved remains of an ancient organism
gemstonemineral that is cut and polished for decoration
hardnessthe ability of a mineral to resist being scratched
igneousformed from molten rock
inorganicnot from living organisms
intrusiverock formed from magma
lavamolten rock at earth's surface
lusterthe way light reflects from a rock's surface
mechanical weatheringweathering that does not involve chemical changes
metalelement that is shiny, conducts electricity and heat and is easily shaped
metamorphicchanges in form as a result of chemical reactions, heat, and/or pressure
mineralnaturally occuring, inorganica solid that has definite chemical composition and crystal structure
oremineral rock that is economically useful
organic rocksedimentary rock formed from material that was once living
oxidationoxygen chemically combines with another substance
rock cyclecontinuous changing of rocks from one kind to another
rockhard substance formed from minerals
sedimentparticles of rock or organic matter carried and deposited by wind or water
sedimentaryformed by compacting and cementing of sediments at the earth's surface
stable rockcomposed of minerals that resist chemical weathering
streakcolor of powder left by a mineral
weatheringbreaking down or rocks at the earth's surface

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