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Chapter 4 vocabulary and other questions

This is not all you should study, but it is a good review.

Middle Americathe region of North America where southern Mexico, Beliz, Guatemala, Honduras, ElSalvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama
proteina substance in food that helps build the body and keep it healthy
intercroppingplanting different crops together
reclaimedtaken back
contour linea line that connects all points of equal elevation
elevationthe height of the land
legendsstories handed down from earlier times
ancestorsdead relatives further back than grandparents
oraclea person who gives wise advise
pictographsa drawing or symbol used to represent a word in the Chinese language
subcontinenta large land area isolated from the rest of the continent
tributariessmaller rivers that feed into a larger river
inscriptionwritten message etched into a longlasting surface
5000BCfarmers were growing crops in northern and southern China
loyalty, performed services, and paid fees and taxesWhat the followers of the Shang King promised in return for land
The area offered the best conditions for agriculture.Why the people of the early civilizations settled where they did.
The street layouts were similarAll Indus Valley cities had this in common.
Chang Jiang and Huang HeThis is where early Chinese civilizations were located.
pictographsWhat the Shang period, the Olmec, and the Mayans used as the basis for written language.
Yu the Greata legendary ruler of China said to have saved China by digging a deep river
jaguarimport religious symbol of the people in Middle America
ShangChinese dynasty that used strong metaql weapons and chariots to control the country
oracle bonesused by the ancient Chinese kings to get advice from their ancestors

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