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Sound Off

VibrationsBack-and-forth movements of matter.
SoundForm of energy that travels through matter as waves.
CompressionRegion where particles have been pushed closer together.
RarefactionRegion where particles are more spread out and there are fewer of them.
CrestRegion of greater air pressure. Represents the compression of a sound wave.
TroughRegion of low air pressure. Represents the rarefaction of a sound wave.
WavelengthDistance from one compression to the next.
AmplitudeMeasure of the amount of energy in a sound wave. It is related to the volume of a sound.
FrequencyNumber of complete waves produced in an unit of time. It is related to the pitch of a sound.
VacuumAbsence of all matter. Sound does not travel through this.
PitchHighness or lowness of a sound.
VolumeHow loud or soft a sound is.

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