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Quiz Review

MonopolyComplete controll over a product.
Nativistbeleif that natives and old imm. are better than new imm.
Racismthe beleif that your race is better than another.
CorpoationA business owned by many people who hold stock.
StocksSupply accumulated for future use.
Trust1 business organization controlls many buisness's within the same industry.
PhilanthropistA wealthy person who donates to charities.
Gilded ageGap beetween the rich and the poor.
Strikea stopaage of work.
Leader of the knights of labor?Terence Powderly.
Robber Barrons?The negitive nickname givin to wealthy industrial giants.
Unions?Group of workers who discuss wages welfare and working conditions.
Entrepreneur?person who starts a business.
1 Cause of Immmigration?Poverty
1 effect of immigration?Growth of cities.
1 cause of Indutrilazation?Abundance of natunal resources.
! effect of industrilazation?greater econmic opportunity.
A.F.LAmerican Federation of Labor.


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