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Chapter 3 Vocabulary

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bar graphA way of displaying data using rectangles orbars
additive identitythe number zero
planea flat surface that stretches
coordinate graphdisplaying points as ordered pairs of numbers
axesthe perpendicular number lines in a coordinate graph from which the coordiates of points are determined
scatterplota two-dimensional coordinate graph of individual points
two-dimensional slidea transformation in which the image of (x,y) is (x+h,y+k)
preimagethe original figure before a transformation takes place
imagethe final figure resulting from a transformation
translationa two-dimensional slide
quadrantone of four regions of the coordinate plane formed by the x-axis and y-axis
coefficienta number multiplied by a variable or variables
like termstwo or more terms in which the variables and corresponding exponents are the same
sequencea set of numbers or objects in a specific order
linear expressionan expression in which all the varibles are to the first power
linear equationan equation in which the varible or variables are all to the first power and none multiply each other
originthe point (0,0) on a coordinate plane
FOR-NEXT loopa sequence of steps in a BASIC program which enables a procedur to be repeated a certain number of times
stacked bar grapha display of data using rectangles or bars stacked on top of each other
coordinate planea plane in which every point can be identified by two numbers

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