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VW Unit 5 Games

Practice games for Unit 5 words.

accomplicea person who takes part in a crime; partner
annihilateto destroy completely
arbitraryunreasonable; random
brazenshameless; made of brass
catalystan agent that causes change
exodusa large-scale departure or flight
succumbto give in to; surrender
stagnantnot running or flowing; foul from standing still
slapdashcareless and hasty
servitudeforced labor or slavery
reprimand(v) to scold; (n) a rebuke
rebutto contradict with argument or evidence
facilitateto make easier
incorrigiblebeyond control or correction
latenthidden; present but not realized
militant(adj) given to fighting; (n) an activist
morosegloomy or sullen
opaquenot transparent; does not let light through
paramountof chief importance
prattle(v) to chatter; (n) childish talk

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