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Genetic Expression

DNAThe code of life
Adenine pairs withThymine
Cytosinepairs with guanine
Double Helix2 strands twisted together
Transcriptionproduction of m-RNA using a DNA template
m-RNA structurestraight chain of nucleotides
Uracilreplaces thymine in m-RNA
translationproduction of protein at ribosome
codonevery 3 m-RNA bases that codes for one amino acid
t-RNAtransfer RNA; brings amino acid to ribosome
geneseries of DNA bases that codes for one protein
amino acidsbuilding blocks for proteins
AUGstart codon
stop codonsfound on m-RNA to stop protein production
base pairing ruleA-T and C-G for DNA
One DNA strandused to make a m-RNA

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