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osteoporosisreduction in bone mass is sufficient to compromise normal function
osteopeniainadequate ossification
internal callusorganizes within the marrow cavity and between the broken ends of a shaft
external callusenlarged collar of cartilage and bone at the level of the fracture
fracture hematomaa large clot in a fracture
fracturea break or crack in a bone
epiphyseal linea mark that remains after the epiphyseal growth has ended
epiphyseal platethe cartilaginous region between the epiphysis and diaphysis of a growing bone
articular cartilagecartilage that prevents bone-to-bone contact within the joint
endochondral ossificationbone replaces existing cartilage
spiculessmall struts
ossification centerlocation in a tissue where ossification begins
calcificationthe deposition of calcium salts
dermal bonesthe bones that result from intramembranous ossification
intramembranous ossificationbone develops from mesenchyme or fibrous connective tissue; occurs in the deeper layers of the dermis
endosteuma cellular layer that lines the marrow cavity
central canalcontains one or more blood vessels that carry blood to and from the osteon
osteoidmatrix prior to calcification
osteoprogenitor cellmesenchymal cells of bone,play an important role in the repair of a fracture
periosteumthe layer that surrounds a bone consisting of an outer fibrous and inner cellular region
perforating canala passageway in compact bone that runs at right angles to the axes of the osteons, between the periosteum and endosteum
lamellaeconcentric layers
osteonthe basic histological unit of compact bone
osteolysisthe breakdown of the mineral matrix of bone
ossificationthe formation of bone
osteoclasta cell that dissolves the fibers and matrix of bone
osteocytea bone cell responsible for the maintenance and turnover of the mineral content of the surrounding bone
osteoblasta cell that produces the fibers and matrix of bone

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