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Chapter 7, Section 2: Kingdoms of West Africa

Trade contactsContributed to spread of Islam.
GoldFrom Ghana for Muslim merchants cloth, metalware, swords and salt.
Mansa MusaIntroduced Islamic culture to Mali.
Timbuktucapital city of Timbuktu
BerbersAttacked kingdom of Mali from the north.
QuranBasis of laws in Songhai kingdom.
MoroccoWhere soldiers came from who defeated Songhai.
Monotheismthe belief in one god.
SaltImportant for Ghanaians to preserve and flavor foods.
Ibn Battutaan Arab traveler and author who visited the far corners of the Islamic world.
Mansa Musathe greatest king of Mali who had the palace of Timbuktu built.
Askia Muhammadruled the Songhai Empire at the height of its glory.
Sundiata Keitaan early king of Mali.
Sunni Aliexpanded his empire to include most of West Africa after conquering the cities of Timbuktu and Jenne.
Songhi peoplerebellion that led to the end of the Mali kingdom.

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