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Matching/Wordsearch Game for Bryson, chap. 15

Play this game to learn 25 new words from Bryson, chap. 15.

dean (p. 225)a long-standing recognized authority
cryptic (p. 225)secret; mysterious
provost (p. 226)superintendent; administrator
sedentary (p. 226)sitting down; not active
expatriate (p. 226)one who lives outside his fatherland
fledgling (p. 226)beginning, like a baby bird growing feathers
Scrabble (p. 226)popular crossword board game
palindromes (p. 227)sentences which read the same forwards and backwards
anagrams (p. 227)word or phrase whose letters can be rearranged to spell a new word(s)
pun (p. 227)a play on similar words
acrostics (p. 228)verses in which the first letter spells a word
ad infinitum (p. 228)Latin phrase meaning "to infinity;" endlessly
ampersand (p. 229)symbol for "and" (&)
rebus (p. 230)a verbal or pictorial riddle
gullible (p. 231)easily deceived
lipograms (p. 231)writings which attempt verbal challenges
clerihews (p. 232)clever four-line poems about a person
Burma Shave signs (p. 232)highway signs advertising a shaving cream
spoonerism (p. 232)comical mistake resulting from reversal of sounds
ambiguous (p. 235)having two possible meanings; unclear
amphibology (p. 235)an expression deliberately unclear with two contradictory meanings
boontling (p. 235)made-up language spoken in Booneville, CA
cockney (p. 236)resident of East London with unique dialect
corruption (p. 237)a change for the worse
spawn (p. 238)to give birth to; to generate

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