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Endocrine System - Terms Built from Word Parts

Disease and Disorder, Procedural, Surgical and Complementary terms with definitions.

adrenal/itisinflammation of an adrenal gland
hypo/calc/emiadeficient level of calcium in the blood
hyper/thyroid/ismstate of excessive thyroid gland activity
hyper/kal/emiaexcessive potassium in the blood
thyr/o/toxic/osisabnormal condition of poisoning caused by (excessive) activity of the thyroid gland (also called hyperthyroidism)
hyper/glyc/emiaexcessive sugar in the blood
adren/o/megalyenlargement (of one or both) of the adrenal gland
hypo/thyroid/ismstate of deficient thyroid gland activity
hypo/kal/emiadeficient level of potassium (K) in the blood
parathyroid/omatumor of the parathyroid gland
acr/o/megalyenlargement of the extremities (and facial bones)
hypo/glc/emiadeficient level of sugar in the blood
hyper/calc/emiaexcessive calcium (Ca) in the blood
hypo/natr/emiadeficient level of sodium (Na) in the blood
thyroid/otomyincision into the thyroid gland
adrenal/ectomyexcision of the adrenal gland
thyr/o/parathyroid/ectomyexcision of the thyroid and parathyroid glands
thyroid/ectomyexcision of the thyroid gland
parathyroid/ectomyexcision of the parathyroid gland
cortic/oidresembling the cortex
ex/ophthalm/icpertaining to eyes (bulging) outward (abnormal protrusion of the eyeball)
syn/dromeset of symptoms that run (occur) together
adren/o/pathydisease of the adrenal gland
endocrin/ologista physician who specializes in endocrinology
poly/dips/iaabnormal state of much thirst
calc/i/peniadeficiency of calcium (also called hypocalcemia)
endocrin/o/pathyany disease of the endocrine system
adren/o/cortic/o/hyper/plasiaexcessive development of the adrenal cortex
eu/thyr/oidresembling normal thyroid
cortic/alpertaining to the cortex
endocrin/ologythe study of endocrine glands

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