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Geometry definitions

Review for all the Geometry definitions we learn through this year. I'll keep updating the activities as we add more words!

acute anglemeasures less than 90
right anglemeasures 90 degrees
obtuse anglemeasures more than 90, less than 180
congruenthas equal measure
midpointdivides segment into two equal parts
angle bisectordivides angle into two equal angles
acute trianglehas all 3 acute angles
obtuse trianglehas one obtuse angle
right trianglehas one right angle
scalene trianglehas no equal sides
isosceles trianglehas two equal sides
equilateral trianglehas all three equal sides
equiangular trianglehas all three equal angles1
complementary anglestwo angles that add up to 90
supplementary anglestwo angles that add up to 180
adjacent anglestwo angles next to each other
linear pairtwo angles that form a line
vertical anglesangles formed by intersecting lines
perpendicular lineslines that form right angles
perpendicular bisectorforms right angles and cuts into two equal parts
parallel linescoplanar lines that do not intersect
skew linesnoncoplanar lines
alternate interior anglesangles on alternate sides of a transversal inside parallel lines - congruent
alternate exterior anglesangles on alternate sides of transversal, outside parallel lines - congruent
corresponding anglesangles in same position of "hub" formed by transversal and parallel lines - congruent
same side interior anglesangles on same side of transversal, inside parallel lines - supplementary

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