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Only the F's.

Matching F terms.

fablea brief narrative which illustrates some moral truth
a form of dramafabula
fabliaua type of short verse that was popular during the Middle Ages
a term used to describe the anti-novelfabulation
facetiaehumorous or obscene books
falling rhythmthe stress pattern is thrown backwards in a line of poetry so that it falls on the first syllables of the metric foot
the dactyl and trocheethe two basic feet in falling rhythm
a bragging or boasting poemfarsa
feignto invent, to mold, to conceive
farcea play which uses comedy, buffonery, or rough wit to evoke laughter from the audience
an extra unstressed syllable at the end of a line of versefeminine ending
faustincourse cotton cloth
fildhan ancient Irish poet
American film that occurred between 1940 and 1960film noir
Fil de siecleend of the century
figurative poempattern or altar poetry
language which uses metpahors, similes, and alliterationfigurative
fitthe division of a poem
flat characterone who portrays a "single idea or quality"
foila standard size sheet of paper folded in half
flytinga cursing match in verse
foliotwo leaves or four pages in a book
foota metrical unit of verse
forensic poetrypoetry that debates or argues
forewarda short introductory piece to a book
iron, gold, silver, and brassthe Four Ages of Poetry
literal, moral, allegorical, and anagogicalthe Four Levels of Meaning
sense, feeling, tone, intentionthe Four Meanings in a poem
fourteenersverse made up of fourteen syllables in iambic meter
"books" found in "brooks"fractal verse; a word that is part of another word

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