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Physical Geology

Learn terms about Physical Geology

Abyssal plainsThe flat areas of deep ocean basins.
BasineA syncline in which rocks dip inward on all sides; also, any depression in which sediments are deposited.
CenozoicThe mos recent era of geologic time, from 66 million years ago to the present.
DuneA low mound or ridge of sediment deposited by wind.
EolianFormed by or related to wind action.
FaultA planar break in rock, along which there is movement of one side relative to the other.
GlacierA mass of ice, on land, that moves under its own weight.
Hydrostatic pressureFluid pressure.
InfiltrationThe process by which water percolates into the ground.
LaharA volcanic mudflow deposit.
MesozoicThe middle era of the Phanerozoic; the time from about 245 to 66 million years ago.
Nuee ardenteA hot, glowing cloud of volcanic ash and gas, so dense that it flows down the volcano's slopes.
PaleozoicThe oldest era in Phanerozoic; the time from approximately 570 to 245 million years ago.
RockA solid, cohesive aggregate of one or more minerals or mineral materials.
SedimentAn unconsolidated accumulation of rock and mineral grains and organic matter that has been transported and deposited by wind, water, or ice.


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