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PreAP Review for Fall Semester Exam "Part I"

Do you think you are ready? Well..... Try this out!!! This will take you through Cellular Respiration.......

BiologyStudy of life
BotanyStudy of plants
Spontaneous GenerationLife from non-life
Smallest units that carry on all life functionscells
Energy from sunlight / chemicalsAutotrophs
ResolutionPower to increase clarity in the microscopic image
Controls what enters and leaves the cellcell membrane
Cell wallOnly found in plant cells
Digestive enzymes of a cellLysosomes
Endoplasmic reticulum"Cell's highway"
HookeDiscovered cells
Organic compounds always contain what?Carbon
IsomerDiffer in the structural formula
PhospholipidBilayer within a cell
Creating monosaccharides from polysaccharideshydrolysis
Creating polysaccharides from monosaccharidesDehydration synthesis
Only one type of atomElement
Sharing electronsCovalent bond
"Stealing" electronsIonic bond
Energy currency of the cellATP
Produced in photosynthesisSugar
Building blocks of proteinAmino Acids
Was / Oil / LipidFat
Building blocks of DNANucleic acids
Water passing into or out of a cellosmosis
Dark reactions of photosynthesisRequire ATP and NADPH from light reactions of photosynthesis
NADPH has what role in Photosynthesis?Electron carrier
GlycolysisGross 4 ATP ; Net 2 ATP
ATP synthetaseAdds a phosphate to an ADP
Why does bread rise?Alcoholic fermentation
Where does glycolysis occur?Cytoplasm

Dr. Sledge

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