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Promotion Study Guide - M16A2 Rifle


Flashcards to utilize in preparation for NCO and enlisted boards.

How do you clear the M16A2 rifle?Place the selector on SAFE. Remove the magazine. Lock the bolt open; pull the charging handle rearward and press the bottom of the bolt catch. Check the receiver and the chamber areas for ammunition. Allow the bolt to go forward by pressing the upper portion of the the both catch. (FM 23-9 page 2-1)
What is the weight of the M16A2 rifle with sling and loaded 30-round magazine?8.79 pounds (FM 23-9 page 2-2)
What bayonet knife is used with the M16A2?M9 Bayonet Knife (FM 23-9 page 2-2)
What is the length of the M16A2 rifle with compensator? With M9 bayonet?39-63 inches with compensator and 44.88 inches with bayonet (FM 23-9 page 2-2)
What positions are marked on the selector lever on the M16A2 rifle?Safe, Semi, and Burst (FM 23-9 page 2-3)
What is the recommended basic load of an M16A2 rifle?It consists of 210 rounds per weapon (FM 23-9 page 2-3)
What is the cyclic rate of fire for the M16A2 rifle?700 to800 rounds per minute (FM 23-9 page 2-3)
What are the maximum effective rates of fire for the M16A2 rifle?Semiautomatic - 45 rounds per minute; Automatic (3 round burst) - 90 rounds per minute; Sustained - 12-15 rounds per minute (FM 32-9 page 2-3)
What is the maximum range of the M16A2 rifle?3,600 meters (FM 23-9 page 2)
What is the maximum effective range of the M16A2 rifle?550 meters (individual/point target); 800 meters (area target) (FM 32-9 page 2)
What does the tearm "stoppage" mean in reference to military firearms?Failure of an automatic or semi-automatice firearm to complete the cycle of operation. (FM 23-9 page 2-10)
What is meant by "immediate action"?Quickly applying a possible correction to reduce a stoppage based on initial observation or indicators without determining the actual cause. (FM 23-9 page 2-10)
What is meant by "remedial action"?It is the continuing effort to determine the cause for a stoppage or malfunction after immediate action has failed. (FM 23-9 page 2-10)
Who is responsible for cleaning the individual weapon?Soldiers are responsible for keeping their assigned weapon clean and operational at all times. (FM 23-9 page 2-10)
What are the three (3) primary categories of malfunctions?Failure to feed chamber, or lock. Failure to fire cartridge. FAilure to extract or eject (FM 23-9 page 2-11 thru 2-13)
What two (2) things must be done to ensure that soldiers have reliable weapons during training and combat?Serviceability Inspections and Preventive Maintenance Checks (FM 23-9 page 3-3)
What immediate action should be taken for a stoppage?Slap up on the magazine. Pull the charging handle to the rear. Observe the chamber for an ejection of the round. Release the charging handle. Tap the forward assist. Squeeze the trigger again. (FM 32-9 page 3-5)
What are the four (4) key fundamentals of marksmanship for the M16A2 rifle?Steady position. Aiming. Breath control. Trigger squeeze. (FM 23-9 page 3-5)
How many "steady position" factors are there when firing the M16A2 rifle?Nine - nonfiring hand grip; rifle butt position; firing hand grip; firing elbow placement; nonfiring elbow; stock weld; support; muscle relaxation; natural point of aim. (FM 23-9 page 3-5 thru 3-7)
What are the two (2) firsing positions used during initial M16A2 fundamental training?Supported firing position and prone unsupported firing position. (FM 23-9 pge 3-12)
What is the standard battle sight setting for the M16A2 in meters?300 meters (FM 23-9 page 3-22)
At what range is the M16A2 fired in order to obtain the Battle Sight Zero?25 meters (FM 23-9 page 3-25)
When zeroing your M16A2 rifle. To raise the strike of the bullet you must move the front sight post in which direction?Clockwise, in the direction of the arrow marked UP. (FM 23-9 page 3-25)
The sights of the M16A2 rifle are adjustable for both elevation nd windage. Which sight would you adjust for windage?The rear sight. (FM 23-9 page 3-26)
What is "Quick Fire"?A technique used to deliver fast, effective fire on surprise personnel target at close range (25 meters or less) (FM 23-9 page 4-11)
How many clicks of elevation of windge does it take to move the strike of the bullet one square on the standard 25 meter target?Three clicks (FM 23-9 page G-17)
What is meant by "battle sight zero" on the M16A2 rifle?The front sight and rear sight windage aear adjusted so you can hit your point of aim at 300 meters. (FM 23-9 glossary-11)
What is "cook-off"?A round that fires as a result of a hot chamber without the trigger being pulled. It can occure anytime until the weapon has cooled. (FM 23-9 glossary-5)
What is the contact of the cheek and stock of the M16A2 called?Stock weld (FM 23-9 glossary-11)
What is meant by trajectory?The flight path the bullet takes from the rifle to the target. (FM 23-9 glossary-11)
It is permissible to exchange both assemblies from one M16A2 rifle to another?NO (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 1)
What is the description of the M16A2 rifle?It is a lightweight, gas operated, air-cooled, magazine fed, shoulder fired weapon that can be fired either in automatic or three-round bursts or semiautomatic single shots (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 2)
What ist he first action you should take when disassembling the M16A2 rifle?Clear the weapon ( TM 9-1005-319-10 page 9)
To what extent is the operator authorized to disassemble the M16A2?Field-strip (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 9 thru 15)
What are the three (3) basic steps of proper rifle maintenance?Inspect, Clean and Lubricate (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 16)
What cleaning supplies do you use to clean the M16A2 rifle?CLP, rags, swabs, and tobaco pipe cleaners (TM 9-100-319-10 page 18)
What type of lubrication do you use for the M16A2 rifle?CLP (Clearner, Lubricant and Preservative) (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 28)
What are the two (2) levels of lubrication for the M16A2 rifle?Lightly Lubed and Generously Lubed (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 28)
What is the proper way to perform maintenance on a magazine for the M16A2 rifle?Wipe dirt from tube, spring, and follower; then lightly lube spring (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 42)
What is the purpose of the compensator?It keeps the muzzle down during automatic fire (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 96)
What is the recommended mix of tracer and ball ammunition in the M16A2 rifle in combat?Top three (3) rounds tracers; every sixth round tracer; bottom four (4) rounds tracer. (Tm 9-1005-319-10 page 100)
What ammunition do you NOT fire in your M16A2 rifle?Seriously corroded ammunition; dented cartridges; cartridges with loose bullets; catridges exposed to extreme heat (135 degrees or more) until they have cooled; cartridges with the bullet pushed in (short rounds). (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 102)
What four (4) types of ammunition can be used in firing the M16A2 rifle?5.56mm ball; 5.56mm dummy; 5.56mm tracer; 5.56mm blank (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 102)
What is contained in the individual M16A2 rifle cleaning kit?Small arms accessory case; bore cleaning brush; chamber cleaning brush; tooth brush; set of cleaning rods (handle section, three cleaning rod sections, and swab holder); tobacco pipe cleaners; swabs; operator's manual; bottle of CLP. (TM 9-1005-319-10 page 123 thru 130)
What is the purpose of the M16A2 rifle?To provide personnel an offensive/defensive capabilty to engage targets with direct small arms fire. (TM 9-1005-319-23&P para 1-8b)
What are the six (6) major components of the M16A2 rifle?Bolt carrier assembly; Upper receiver and barrel assembly; Lower receiver and buttstock assembly; Charging handle assembly; Sling; Magazine (TM 9-1005-319-23&P para 1-9)

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