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Weave 3 -- Hawaiian Holiday and "Hop to It"

Practice the vocabulary you learned in Unit 2 of Weaving it Together Book 3

to paste <v.>to stick things together
to line <v.>to cover the inside of a hole or container
to pile up <v.>to put things on top of each other
bundle <n.>a group of things that are tied together
to shovel <v.>to dig or move earth
trace <n.>a small amount
to pat down <v.>to touch someone or something lightly again and again with your hand flat
to emerge <v.>to appear after being hidden
chronological ordertime order
thesis statementlast sentence in the introduction of an essay
general statementsthe first part of an introduction of an essay
inspiration <n.>a good idea; something or someone that encourages you to do something good
to inspire <v.>to encourage someone to do or make something good
to accommodate <v.>to do what someone wants or needs in order to help him/her
modest <adj.>not very big in size, amount, price
launching padthe place from which a rocket is sent into space; the place from which a frog begins leaping
to incite <v.>to make someone feel so angry that he/she does something bad
to frustrate <v.>to prevent someone from succeeding; to make someone feel annoyed or angry
unpredictable <adj.>doing things in a way that people don't expect
fundamentals <n.>basics
auction <n.>sale in which people compete to buy something by offering to pay more money
consolation <n.>comfort
conclusionthe final paragraph of an essay

Ms. Head

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