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SAT Vocabulary (B words)

These games can be used to practice for the SAT Exam. They are based on a list from "Master the SAT", an ARCO book.

balefulSorrowful; sinister; evil.
balmSoothing ointment for pain or healing; salve.
banalTrite; insipid; ordinary.
baneDeadly affliction; curse; plague.
barbarityCruel action; inhuman act; harsh conduct.
barren1. Infertile; impotent. 2. Arid; unproductive.
befuddleStupefy or confuse; misconstrue.
belatedTardy; overdue.
beleaguerBesiege; surround
belittleHumiliate; tease; diminish in importance.
bemoan1. Experience pain or distress. 2. Express pity for; mourn.
bemusedPreoccupied by thought; bewildered; perplexed.
bilkDefraud; deceive; hoodwink.
blandishmentCajolery; enticement.
blissGaiety; happiness; enjoyment.
blitheHappy; pleased; delighted.
boisterousNoisy; loud; violent; rowdy.
boorishIll-mannered; rude; gauche.
brevityBriefness; succinctness; terseness.
broachIntroduce; bring up; mention.
browbeatIntimidate; harass; dominate.
bungleBotch; mismanage; spoil.
buttressTruss; foundation; support.

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