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the process by which molecules of a substance move from areas of higher concentration of that substance to areas of lower concetration of that substanceDiffusion
the diffusion of waterOsmosis
membrane that allows only certain materials to pass through, but restricts other materials from passing throughselectively permeable
process in which the nucleus of a cell divides into two nuclei and the formation of two new daughter cells beginsmitosis
Process by which a cell uses energy to transport a substance into or out of the cellactive transport
process in which one cell divides into two cells , each of which is identical to the original cellcell division
threadlike coils of chromosomesChromatin
The nucleus of a cell divides into two nuclei , and the formation of two new daughter cells beginsPhase2 (Prophase)
The number of Chromosomes in the nucleus doublesPhase 1 (Interphase)
The centromere holding the sister chromotids splits . One chromosome from each pair of sister chromotids moves along with the spindle toward the opposite end of the cellPhase 4 (anaphase)
the cell membrane begins to pinch in, forming two new daughter cells. Each daughter cell contains the same kind and numberof each as the original parentPhase 6 (cytokinesis)
the chromosomes which now consist of paired sister chromotids, attach to the spindle at their centromerePhase 3 (metaphase)
During this phase , a nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromosomes at the ends of the cellPhase 5 (telephase)
Neither (_______)nor (_______)requires the cell to expand energyOsmosis (nor) Diffusion
(_______)does require the cell to expend energyActive transport


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